Berlin’s STEGREIF.orchester, a symphonic improvisational orchestra, challenges the traditional concert formats and develops daring alternatives. They break open the classical repertoire using the sounds of jazz, blues, pop and experimental music. The musicians play standing up, without sheet music or conductors. What should we expect? Passion, the joy of experimentation and quite a few surprises!  
Listening to the Change is a project developed by some of the musicians in the STEGREIF.orchester especially for Klarafestival. Zoom interviews with citizens from a range of European countries form the starting point for brief improvised compositions that document these turbulent times. The concert on Sunday 14 March - live from Berlin - brings all these stories together. What was once in isolation now culminates in a highly idiosyncratic version of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy.
Would you like to participate in this project as an interviewee? We are looking for three more people to take part. Send an email to (subject: STEGREIF) by 26 February with a few words about who you are and your experiences of recent times.  


Prior to the concert, a debate between Juri De Marcos, leader of the STEGREIF.orchester and EU-interns is organised in collaboration with the European Parlement.


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