Wim Henderickx / Lieven Vanhove

Sacred Places III: Parvati, the Remover of bad Energy


Nicole Lizée

Televisioniist / Season 1 Episode 1


Frederik Neyrinck / Peter de Bruyne

Echo de Clèves


Saskia Venegas Aernouts / Nele Fack

The air we breathe


Frederik Croene / Karl Van Welden

Diamond Princess, 17/02/2020, Yokohama - Japan


Anouk De Clercq / Vessel

We’ll find you when the sun goes black


Eva-Maria Houben / Isabella Soupart

Drei Choräle (penser à Satie)



Do musicians have the last word on the creation of a film, a music video, a digital concert, or do the visual artists have the final say? Klarafestival has created a unique experiment, commissioning four duos, each consisting of a composer and a visual artist, to create a new work.

Saskia Venegas Aernouts, a Spanish-Belgian composer, forms a duo with video artist Nele Fack. Pianist-composer Frederik Croene works with visual artist Karl Van Welden. Multimedia-artist Anouk De Clercq calls on the British music producer Sebastian Gainsborough (Vessel). Guy Vandromme (piano) and the choreographer Isabella Soupart bring the evening to a close with a composition by German composer Eva-Maria Houben.

Sound & Vision also comprises two compositions that would, under normal circumstances, have premiered at Klarafestival 2020: Parvati by Wim Henderickx (with visuals by Lieven Vanhove) and Televisioniist by the Canadian composer and visual artist Nicole Lizée. Echo de Clèves, a composition written last summer by Frederik Neyrinck as part of Festivals for Compassion with visuals by photographer Peter De Bruyne, will also be performed.

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image © Jury Heinsch