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antwerp symphony orchestra: strauss and wagner

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With the upcoming spring, Klarafestival 2021 is quickly taking shape. A little while ago we promised – with Es ist noch nicht alles verloren! (All is not lost!) – a reassuring and hopeful festival with the relationships between people and their environment at its heart. So it’s time for an update!  

new video series: Unanswered Questions

A few days before Klarafestival 2021, we’d like to get you in the mood with our new video series ‘Unanswered Questions’. Five people, somehow connected to the festival, reflect on the theme ‘es ist noch nicht alles verloren’. What power do they draw from music? What is their source of hope? Listen to their story

Jan Raes, chairman of Festival of Flanders Brussels and general director of Opera Ballet Flanders is our first speaker. About Valery Gergiev and a snow storm in Montreal. And what arts and music mean in these times. Discover it all in ‘Unanswered Questions #1: Jan Raes.

What do Mickey Mouse and Elim Chan have in common? What are her life-defining moments? More to find out in the next video from our new series ‘The Unanswered Question’.


Elim Chan is the chief conductor of the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra. We’re excited about the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra concert 'metamorphosen' on 21 March. Watch the free stream via www.klarafestival.be.

Unanswered Questions #3: frederik neyrinck

"I try to work only on paper and to imagine the instruments as good as possible" - Frederik Neyrinck. We had an interesting talk with composer Frederik Neyrinck. He’s artist in residence at the ensemble I SOLISTI and at LOD muziektheater. 


Klarafestival and Passa Porta Festival commissioned Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer to write a new idyll. On the basis of this poem, Frederik Neyrinck composed a new piece for soprano, narrator, two brass and two woodwind instruments. How will this sound? Discover it on the last night of Klarafestival 2021, on 22 March. Please don’t forget to register in advance > www.klarafestival.be/live

Klarafestival 2021: the digital experience takes place from 13 until 22 March. You’re welcome on our website to explore this digital experience. If you want to enjoy the free digital concerts, please don't forget to register in advance. Grab your spot now here.

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