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everything you need to know about Klarafestival

Klarafestival is the biggest classical music festival in Belgium. Every year in March, international top musicians give the best of themselves in Brussels, but also in Antwerp (deSingel) and Bruges (Concertgebouw).

The annual theme encourages reflection and classical musicians enter into dialogue with other artistic disciplines and genres. They play in concert halls but in Brussels suburbs/neighbourhoods as well, where they present a diverse programme: from old/early music, through the romantic repertoire, to challenging contemporary and new creations.

Live concerts are at the core, but more than ever the focus is also on innovative, digital projects. The close collaboration with VRT and Klara makes Klarafestival an unparalleled broadcasting festival. Private and cultural partners: the Flemish, Brussels, federal, European and international level; young and old; underprivileged and promising: Klarafestival knows how to combine all forces into one big, connecting, cross-border music festival.

Live on air

Can’t make it to the live performance at the concert hall every evening? Klarafestival is broadcast in full on Klara. Through the European Broadcasting Union, Klarafestival’s concerts are even aired throughout Europe.

Chairman of the Board of Directors Flanders Festival Brussels

Jan Raes


Members of the Board of Directors Flanders Festival Brussels

Michel Vermaerke, Tom Auwers, Bart Becks, Tinneke Beeckman, Alex Brabers, Jan Briers, Johan Cattersel, Greet Claes, Monica De Coninck, Hanne Decoutere, Luc De Groote, Kristine De Mulder, Liesbeth De Ridder, Sophie Detremmerie, Erik Dralans, Kaat Exterbille, Dirk Lybaert, Ine Mariën, Tony Mary, Pieter Marx, Marc Ramault, Christophe Nottebaert, Patrick Simons, Dirk Sterckx, Jean-Paul Van Avermaet, Henriëtte Van Eijl, Werner Van Lembergen, Chris Van Olmen, Arlette Verkruyssen, Lode Willems, Guy Wollaert, Adelheid Byttebier, Hans d'Hondt, Philip De Hulsters, Koen Geens, Piet Jaspaert, Jef Jonckheere, Frank Meysman, Axel Roseeuw, Anne Soenen, Koen Verlaeckt, Yves Van Sante


Members of the General Assembly Flanders Festival Brussels

Raad van Bestuur, Philip De Hulsters, Jef Jonckheere, Yves Van Sante